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Our on-line banjo and mandolin parts store provides you with 24/7 ordering capabilities, with real-time credit card order processing, an order history section so you can review previous orders, and you can come right back to your shopping cart if you need to jump off-line while in the middle of an order.

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Straight Up Strings By Siminoff, Banjo Medium, #2600-M
Price: $7.25
Straight Up Strings By Siminoff, Banjo Medium, #2600-M
Straight Up Strings for banjo are designed to improve the string-to-string balance of 5-string banjos that utilize the conventional three-footed bridge whose design has one string (G) positioned directly over a foot, two strings (G & D) positioned almost
Straight Up Strings By Siminoff, Mandolin Medium, #2500-M
Price: $8.95
Straight Up Strings By Siminoff, Mandolin Medium, #2500-M
Straight Up Strings is an exciting new development in mandolin string technology that features compensated download pressures for the strings that rest on the saddle near the post (E and G)...

Most of our orders ship the next business day and standard kits within two weeks. We are happy to take your orders over the phone or by regular mail if you prefer. Please call 805.365.7111 or send us an email.


WelcomeWelcome to our on-line parts store. We offer a wide selection of mandolin, mandola, and banjo parts to fit your building needs. We also carry a complete line of accessories such as bridges, fretwire, binding, and more.


Our mandolin and mandola kits and many of our parts are available in a wide range of options. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your personal needs and “wish list” to help build your dream instrument. If you are unable to find a specific part, feel free to contact us. Please give us a call at 805.365.7111 - we're in the shop Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST.


Your needs and your satisfaction are foremost in our mind.


Thanks for building with us...


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